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About Agrolinx

About Southern Equipment & Supply

Who We Are

Southern Equipment & Supply is a family-owned company with a passion for the construction industry and using our talents to help others be more successful. 

Why We Started
After many years in the heavy equipment and construction business, we saw contractors with a need for a partner they could rely on to assist in supplying and managing a variety of site resources, from equipment to supplies & materials. Their people were spending a tremendous amount of time trying to find and register new vendors, manage material orders, and review many different billing formats.

There was a need for someone who knew their business and projects, and who would work tirelessly to help them be successful.


Southern Equipment & Supply was created to be that One Source that contractors can rely on to handle everything from renting and purchasing equipment, to supplying critical materials and supplies.


As a single source for anything from Dumpsters to Dozers to erosion control, we create simplicity around the procurement, management & logistics of materials, equipment and services.


At SES, we understand urgency.  Our vendor relationships and expertise ensure that your team has the resources they need, when they need them, saving you time and money.


At SES, we pride ourselves in helping our clients think outside the box to find simple solutions to complex problems

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